Reviews of The Corpse with the Diamond Hand

What reviewers are saying about THE CORPSE WITH THE DIAMOND HAND

“…impeccably researched, tightly plotted, and fast paced. It started with a bang and pulled me through one twist after another, but it wasn’t all action; it was also rich with detail.  I really enjoyed seeing Hawaii through the eyes of an author who’s obviously spent time there observing.” Island Confidential

“…I liked the author’s use of “show don’t tell” and her ability to make the reader see, smell and connect things in her book with real life.” Nadaness in motion

“…The suspects pile up as the ship heads toward Vancouver from the Hawaiian islands. I was very surprised at the revelation of the killer. Cathy Ace crafts a good, well plotted tale.” Mysteries Etc

“…Whenever a new Cait Morgan book comes out, I know I to expect an intelligent mystery solved by a great sleuth. I have truly come to love Cait’s character in the time that I’ve been reading this series. Cathy Ace has a wonderful gift for writing a smart mystery that keeps me guessing throughout.” Brooke Blogs

What fellow authors have said about THE CORPSE WITH THE DIAMOND HAND

“The Corpse with the Diamond Hand is a delight for fans of the classic mystery made even better by the setting of a cruise ship in the mid-Pacific and memories of vacation in Hawai’i.  Cathy Ace lays down clues and red herrings with care and great attention to detail all intertwined with the fun of life on board a luxury ship.  Cait Morgan, with her reading cheats, short legs, and too-tight  formal gown and her new husband, a retired cop,  make a pair of believable and very real sleuths.” Vicki Delany, National bestselling author of the Lighthouse Library mystery series